Day 1: hopes, dreams, and plans for the next 365 days with a picture of yourself

Well hopes, dreams, and plans to me can be resolutions as well. They also change yearly, so I’m just going to do My 2018 Years Resolutions:

1. Walk at least 4 days a week with Laura.

2. Start eating healthier using myfitnesspal

3. Do “Butt & Gut” and “Pushup” challenge all year. (Pictures in next post) and go to the gym at least four times a month.

4. New place to live 

5. Get my daughter Luna back before Oct

6. Stick with this 365 day writing challenge.

7. Loose 60 pounds this year.

8. Get back to my witchy roots. 

9. Have our Small Businesses be successful.

10. Be more involved in My Lifestyle


Author: CalicoWolf

Mommy👶, Married to MtF Partner💍, MoonChild/Witch🌙, LGBT+-Ally 🌈, 🐺

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