Useful Things Women Invented

So this guy issued a challenge to name some useful things women invented?

Challenge Accepted.

  •         Sybillia Masters tried to patent her creation of the corn mill in 1712. Denied because she was a woman, filed it in her husband’s name.
  •         Ruth Benerito holds 55 patents which primarily deal with the textile industry, and she developed varying techniques for wash-and-wear cotton and other fibres.
  •         Mary Walton is credited with creating pollution-reducing devices, including the locomotive chimney, and she also made advances in reducing the noise from elevated railways.
  •         Ellen Fitz is credited with mount globes.
  •         Ellen Ochoa is a former astronaut who has a patent for an optical system that detects defects. She also is listed as a co-inventor on other space-related items.
  •         Gertrude B Elion was a biochemist and pharmacologist who developed new drugs through innovative methods, which led to the development of AZT. You know, the drug that helps people who suffer from AIDS.
  •         Patricia Bath was (or is) an ophthalmologist who holds four patents, one of which is for the Laserphaco Probe. It’s a device that improves lasers to remove cataracts. She was also the first woman to serve at the Jules Stein Eye Institute, and she broke a few firsts for people of colour in her field.
  •         Sharon Rogone developed some of the things we use to help pre-mature babies, such as the snug (but soft) mask that goes over their face to protect their eyes from ultraviolet light while treating for jaundice.
  •         Rachel Fuller Brown and Elizabeth Lee Hazen discovered nystatin, which was one of the first effective anti-fungal medications.
  •         Janese Swanson developed tech toys for girls, since everyone else seems to think we’re only housewives.
  •         El Dorado Jones developed engine mufflers for airplanes, a lightweight iron and a travel-size ironing board.
  •         Josephine Cochrane made the first practical dishwasher.
  •         Tabitha Babbitt was a tool-maker, and she made the circular saw.
  •         Virgina Apgar did a lot of work with and advocated for infant health, and she created a test in order to assess the health of newborns.
  •         Maria Beasley went nuts and created a ton of things, including the life raft.
  •         Nancy Perkins was one of the inventors for the battery container.
  •         Harriet Williams Russell Strong was a water conservationist who made advances in technologies to do just that. She holds the patent for dam and reservoir construction and proposed those that we’re familiar with in the Grand Canyon.
  •         Dr Temple Grandin created the “hug box” to help calm children who are autistic; she’s also one of their biggest adovcates, saying we need all kinds of minds. She also does a ton of work advocating for better treatment of livestock. Apparently, she was also influential enough to have a biopic done about her.
  •         Ann Tsukamoto is the co-discoverer of the human hematopoietic stem cell.
  •         Harriet Tracy had a thing for inventing sewing machines and related parts (which is awesome, unless you want to sew everything by hand), but she also made a safety device for elevators!

And that’s just 20 examples of contributions women have made out of many, since we’re only focusing on things women have invented. So next time you want to be a misogynist twit, you might want to do some research before you try to ‘prove a point.’ Thanks.


Author: CalicoWolf

Mommy👶, Married to MtF Partner💍, MoonChild/Witch🌙, LGBT+-Ally 🌈, 🐺

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