Day 76: how do you feel about going green

I laugh at this because had I done this the day I was suppose to, it would have been on St. Patricks Day. And I had planned on making some lame St. Paddys day joke. Dodged a bullet, huh?

Anyway, going green? Hmmm…currently I suck at it. I have so much going on that I remember to recycle or sort garbage. I do cut the plastic can holders if they come in the house, and I make sure not to throw things out my car (or allow others to do it). I try to take shorter showers when I can, but I love hot water. We do try to use those special lightbulbs even tho they are more money they last longer and use less energy.

So how do I feel about it? I see how its a good thing, just stink at doing it. Hopefully in the future I’ll get better.


Author: CalicoWolf

Mommy👶, Married to MtF Partner💍, MoonChild/Witch🌙, LGBT+-Ally 🌈, 🐺

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